Jacob Rader

Personal Development


Personal Development

A year ago, upon turning 30, I made a list of things that I wanted to learn how to do by the time I was 40. Most of these goals are around travel and transport - being able, no mater what the situation I find myself in, to participate and if need be, get myself out. This list is so I can keep track of these goals, track my progress, and give this all some structure.




Goal: Ride a century

Most Recent Progress: Rode 115 miles!

Next Step: None. Keep doing cool shit on my bike.

In Progress:


Horseback Riding

  • Goal: To be comfortable on a horse at full gallop
  • Most Recent Progress: 2-day horse packing trip in Big Bend SP (Dec/Jan '17)
  • Next Step: Horse Riding Classes


  • Goal: To be able to handle a bike off road over multiple days of riding
  • Most Recent Progress: 140km of dirt bike riding in the hills of Shan Stat
  • Next Step: Motorcycle safety class and license


  • Goal: TBD
  • Most Recent Progress: Started climbing at bouldering project, bought shoes. 
  • Next Step: Meet weekly with Steven Decker to go climbing, discuss potential goal.

Muay Thai

  • Goal: To Kick Butt (real goal TBD)
  • Most Recent Progress: Signed up at Austin Kickboxing Academy, bought boxing gloves
  • Next Step: Classes 2-3 times a week

Goal Backlog:



  • Goal: Run a marathon
  • Most Recent Progress: Ran 8 miles (2016) 
  • Next Step: TBD


  • Goal: Be able to reliably drive a manual transmition
  • Most Recent Progress: I drove my dad's manual transmission in the year 2000
  • Next Step: Find someone to show me how to drive manual


  • Goal: Swim a mile
  • Most Recent Progress: I almost swam a lap in a pool once
  • Next Step: Learn how to actually swim